A lot of UX web designers tend to go from a paper mockup to a digital representation before the file is handed off to a developer. As a developer, I choose to go straight from paper mock up to developing in the browser. Designing within the tools a user is expected to have, I eliminate the time and effort of designing something that can’t actually be implemented. Since I design mobile first, it has become easier to develop and expand the design for other views. The details can then be added once they overall layout and styling is implemented across devices.

That being said, I have created the baseline design of the website. Its responsive and integrates the user needs that I mentioned in a previous post. The content is there and can be flushed out if needed. Currently it is a static html web application. I don’t see any reason for needing a CMS framework (example WordPress), but I have done enough static -> WordPress conversions to update this if the client prefers that.