New Learning

Taking some time to learn D3 (Data-Driven Documents) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Will be back hopefully with a good experience and some examples.

AngularJS and UI-Router

I’ve been working on getting a handle on single page applications. By that I mean, websites/applications that don’t require reloading the page when navigating.

AngularJS alone provides 2-way binding for data elements between the model and views. So if I have a list app and add a new item, it will automatically appear in the list without having to refresh the page.

AngularJS UI Router

Now lets say I wan’t to switch between different pages/views in my application without reloading the data. AngularJS allows you to do this using its UI-Router library. You are able to create different states and views on the page with templates ties to specific page urls. It’s in similar fashion as creating templates for custom directives.

You can check the AngularUI github for documentation on the library:

View my example project that uses AngularJS and UI-Router on codepen.

SEB Theme Update: Menus

The theme has been using hard-coded navigation links until now. This would require the end user to make changes to the index.php to customize the navigation. The theme code is now using WordPress’ menu features. It can be named whatever you want, just make sure that the “Primary Menu” box is checked.

screen shot of menu customizer


As always, source code is on github.


Tablet Mockup – JQuery

image of tablet mockep

View on Codepen